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Re: The Judoka who defeated Kyuzo Mifune, Sokaku Takeda & Morihei Ueshiba : Kenpachi Murai

The readily available documents are sparse. Allegedly, there was a newspaper account of Murai's encounter with Takeda, but the main source is a rather expensive book by Okuyama Ryuho of Hakko-ryu (Murai oddly became a teacher of this Daito-ryu offshoot after WWII). Surely, Okuyama had his own axe to grind - but maybe it's all true.

There are no additional readily available sources in Japanese on the internet - just a repetition of the same accounts, with no further detail. There is little information on Murai Kenpachi period.

As for Mifune and Murai, what does this mean, really? A much bigger, highly skilled judoka beat a smaller, older highly skilled judoka in randori?

A friend of mine is Japan is checking out if there is any more information on Murai - he sounds like a fascinating individual.

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