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Mike Sigman
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Re: Who's got IT and can and will teach it?

David Skaggs wrote: View Post
Since we are going outside Aikido to find the internal strength that Aikido has lost,what better place to find people online who teach internal strengtht then a CMA forum.
Oh stoppit. What legitimate "martial-arts forum" is full of guys who hide behind pseudonyms and chatter and bicker all day? Ever notice how on, say, AikiWeb, E-Budo, QiJin, and other forums, a "martial-artist" is considered to be someone who can sign his real name to the things that he says? Can you imagine a legit martial artist, like Ueshiba, Chen Xiao Wang, Luo De Xu, Shioda, etc., etc., using BS names to post on some trash-talking fantasy forum that has a history of constant bickering, split-ups, and so on?

If you're going to use fantasy and role-playing guys as a place to find legitimate I.S. skills, then you have no common-sense criteria. And like I said, I've felt the "I.S" of some of the guys who are on that forum... we're talking about different things. Go back through their archives and see if you can ever find a legitimate discussion of "how to" or "what's involved" in i.s. development.


Mike Sigman
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