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Paul Sanderson-Cimino
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Re: Secret of Aikido Revealed in a Dream

Well, to be fair, I think that "people are different" is a meaningful phrase. It reminds me of something Joel Ward-sensei said to me (I hope he doesn't mind being quoted) in reference to a question I asked about dealing with beginners of different ability levels:

"But you are both who and what you are at this moment, and from that place you make the best relationship you can. In the next moment you will both be different and the way of moving towards harmony may also be changed."

So don't feel too silly for posting up the 'dream' thing...I think there are 'secrets' of aikido (even if, as I once heard, "You learn them all in the first week")...there are just a /lot/ of them. So don't worry that there's nothing new ahead from here, Chuck. ^_-

(I'm assuming he was being at least partially serious...can't really tell.)

And now, ironically enough, I should go change and get to some actual training myself, instead of being all lofty.
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