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Hi Bob;

I wish I had mpegs to show what I'm talking about but in Shodokan dojos at least once per class, often several, a basic exersise called Go no sen kuzushi is performed. This involves a series of grips and reactions and is often used, besides teaching kuzushi, to get the blood going. THere are quite a few Shodokan/Tomiki dojos in Australia. I am pretty sure if you went to watch a class you would see the exercise.

In Shodokan Aikido there is a lot of emphasis on kuzushi with the term identical in use to that found in Judo. I think it is a fallicy to say there is no strength used in Aikido. It can be said that skill dominates strength or more specifically skill is knowing when and how to turn it on. I am fond of reminding absolute beginners that muscle through technique that they have the strength, here we teach them to use it.

I think the balance breaking power comes from the body movement, the Ido Ryoku I was talking about. Just turning and redirecting is not going to do it. Anyway, the best I can do is suggest you watch the clips from my Dojo homepage below. Some good examples of viable kuzushi there.
Bob Strahinjevich (bob_stra) wrote:
and more to the point, how much is done where and by what? For example, a lot of the tecniques in judo use upper body strength in combination with centrifugal force. Wrestling throws are reliant on heavy use of the legs and a sudden change in level.

I've still not figured out the right way to perform kuzushi in aikido to be honest. Thus the initial question

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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