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Re: Generation of power

Bob Strahinjevich (bob_stra) wrote:
Hi folks

I'm curious to know abt the generation of power & kuzushi specifically in the paired aiki-taitso exercise.

(For example, your right grabs my right, I enter, step around you, lead you in a circle and project)

In this situation, is the unbalancing primarily done via the tai-sabaki or the semi circle made by the hand as I enter? (ideally, the answer is both, but...)

Do they both happen simultaneously, or does one preceed the other?
You got all this wrong.

Unbalancing is not done with waving hands or only hips. You must change distance while staing connecting to attacker.You must use all your body and right angel of enter, also you must somehow lock his arm to preserve connection. He is not stupid, and will not hold your arm 10 minuts all the way when you are busy doing you circles, for sur he will execute next attack with other arm, head or leg. He surly will do that!.

good luck


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