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Re: defending against a boxer

In my opinion there's no much point trying a comparison between martial arts (let alone between a martial art and a fighting sport) but any attack or fighting situation is unique.So the way i see it, you can't tell what would work and what wouldn't.Try to make the attacker overextend by rearranging ma-ai could work,and fast blocking his panches while entering for a, let's say, irimi nage sounds also like a good idea, it depends. But i believe that what is important, that applies to everything is to have a clear mind,empty of any pre-determined ideas of what one should do and act according to the attack to the best of his abilities, if he cannot avoid the fight. Setting up a fight with a boxer in a "sterilized" environment is not what aikido is about and the results will mean nothing.In a real fight one can use his surroundings to his advantage as obstacles for his attacker if possible and you never trully choose where and who to fight in a real situation...
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