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Re: defending against a boxer

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this very old thread was very interesting.

basically we seemed to be get to the consensus that aikido is not very effective against boxing.

whats the solution though? just accept that aikido is not perfect and avoid getting into scraps with boxers?

learn some boxing?

Personally after a year of aikido (and studying hard with a great teacher) I still feel like a beginner and if anyone (even a non boxer) attacked me I would defend myself with the Muay Thai I learnt 20 years ago and hope that I could slip in some aikido moves.
I practice since I was 8 (I'm 21 right now) and I steel feel like a beginner. and that's what I like.
To feel that there's always so much to learn and to improve.
I once practiced with a boxer and I did manage to defend myself from every punch, although I didn't applied any Aikido technique.
But Aikido's practice made me capable of protecting myself, and that's the most important
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