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Re: Aikido with a back injury

I've practised with back injury for near 13 years now. I have a spinal protusion in my lower back due to numerous reasons so I've no idea which one it might be but it definitely wasn't aikido.

Initially I was afraid to start aikido because of this. Sometimes the pain is so bad I couldn't walk, sit, or sleep.

The first Aikido I did was a splinter shin shin toitsu style. I must say that it helped me a lot. Because of the stuff we did, kokyu, ki practice, rolling etc, my back felt great. And if i begin to miss classes, it'll act up again.

Later on joining aikikai, and a more robust dojo what with flying leaps and breakfalls etc, did nothing to aggravate my back. Perhaps the ukemi has improved. Lying down doing nothing makes it worst.

Recently I've started some body therapy with my 3rd chiropractor. She makes me work unlike the previous 2 that did all the work for me. So with the short leg, flat feet, bad neck, inverted spine, rotated hip bone joint and whatever multitude of problems I didn't know I had identified, we've been working on strengthening the core the correct way and aligning my body.

It also opened my eyes to see how difficult proper stretches are. Perhaps, you should practise aikido but do it with the most proper care. I would recommend starting with shin shin toitsu, because they place an importance on ki development. Yes, ki is ephemeral, but their physical practise will be very beneficial for you if done properly.

My sensei always say, If you train aikido and get injured a lot then you're doing it wrong. You train aikido, and your injuries should get better. And indeed i've seen his students come with various physical and mental ailments (not to mention old age) and have come out the better for it.

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