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Aikido with a back injury

I am new on this forum. I have had an interest in martial arts since my teenage years through to my mid twenties, and back then did judo, karate and hapkido. I have some insight into aikido since my brother used to learn it and we often practised together. I haven't however had any involvement in the martial arts for around 25 years.

I am now 50 years of age and I have been considering aikido as an option, but have some concerns since I have a long term back problem. At its worst I have had up to 3 months off work, but over the last 2 years it has improved considerably. I still get niggles and have to be careful but it is quite rare now for me to have significant pain, and I haven't had time off work in recent times. My main concern with aikido would be the potential jarring of my back with the falls, and possibly twisting of my back during certain skills.

I am wondering if anyone else has had back trouble and could let me know if aikido has caused problems (or maybe provided benefits??).
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