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Re: YouTube: Yoshinobu Takeda Sensei as Obi Wan Kenobi

Ludwig Neveu wrote: View Post
I don't understand what it means. Is it that his training is radically different from what he shows in demos, or on the contrary that it is very similar and seems to provide no realistic explanation ? Or perhaps do you mean something else.

My question is genuine, I have no opinion on the subject so far.
I never saw or felt anything like that on any of the instances that I've trained with him. As others have said, many of his students are very "responsive" in their ukemi, but I understand that kind of training. While it wasn't how I would arrange the relationship given the opportunity to do so, it still had the ring of truth to me. Waving hands and having people fall over is delusional and not budo (IMHO). But I'm not a shihan so what do I know? He was someone who I held very high in the Aikido pantheon, but that demo is absurd and was literally shocking for me to see. I have a very good friend who is a long time (long distance) student of Takeda sensei's and we have had a few offline talks about this demo. He chose not to enter into this conversation previously and I doubt he would now, so I'll keep his comments private. I will say that nothing that I took from that conversation changed my general view of this demo.

Jun, I hope my tone here is acceptable. Walking the fine line here between being open and honest and not sounding like a personal attack on someone or his students.

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