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Well sure - but I remember having Shihan watch me with a guy who I felt was deliberately trying to mess me up. When Shihan did the technique - uke responded near perfectly.
This happens a lot. It is because we all trust the teacher more than other students. We're willing to go more with his technique because there is not as much fear involved.
Sadly, this kind of thing happens maliciously as well. There is one person in my dojo in particular that likes to compete with me, so he often resists technique to prove to me that he is stronger and better than I (though we're pretty evenly matched). One time we were doing kokyu dosa and he continually changed his grip on my wrists to fight with me when I was trying to "throw" him. Sensei saw this and came over to stop this "wrestling match." My partner became a perfect gentleman when Sensei paired with him. I was relieved when Sensei told him, "No, I don't want you to give me any less resistance than you did her," and promptly tossed him over. He was much easier to deal with after that because he realized that Sensei knew that he was fighting me excessively to prove a point, not to challenge and help me.


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