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Evil Eyes Re: Zazen Meditation, Haragei and Focus

Of course it is similar, breath control and awareness induces deep relaxation, and deep relaxation is found in sleep. The mind stops chattering and only sees, much like the reality of a dream. You may be right about the lucid state in Zazen. Sometimes it might take me 10 minutes to fall asleep if I command my thoughts to stop, and in Zazen it takes 10 - 15 minutes for the pleasent effects to occur. Though if anyone would like to try to see what it feels like to go into this deep state, try to achieve one breath per minute and put some time in, say 30 - 40 minutes for the first time. And this is not very hard, have faith that you can just depend on knowing that if you do have some time to experiment and are willing to learn to prolong your breath the effects will happen.

These effects I speak of are the first effects you will notice, as time and practice and breathing lasts even longer and you come to an understanding, more can be felt seen and learned

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