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Re: Zazen Meditation, Haragei and Focus

Trevor Wolfe wrote:

In around twenty minutes into the sessions all of the sudden the carpet would start moving, it seemed alot like waves, but the carpet would erratically swirl in spots or reverse direction, very cool. This would occur simply because of the Zazen, and the contemplations were interesting.

How interesting! I have similar experience when I have llucid dreams. Ad in some of my lucid dreams, especially in the sping ones, all the colours are very bright and primitive like in cartoon.

Do you think is that possible that you were "day dreaming"? I don't mean the normal type of "day dreaming", but in the lucid dream sense. Sometime, you can get out of your body. I did once. It scared me back into my body right away. I haven't been able to do it again. Maybe my mind is scared.

Maybe you can get into lucid dream by Zazen meditation. Some people in the Lucid dream groups speculated about it. But no body had the time, effort and patience to achieve that level of meditation. Maybe you can learn lucid dream technique, and start modify your vision. That would be fun.
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