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Re: Zazen Meditation, Haragei and Focus

Sounds like spoonbending to me, to be honest.

Developing focus is good. In fact, its one of the primary reasons I train in Aikido. There are many ways to learn to meditate, although doing math while trying to bend a nail - without knowing youre supposed to try to bend the nail - sounds like, my opinion, dont be offended - a really lame exercise. Why not focus on the outcome? Why have distractions?

This reminds me of something I have noticed in personal trainers. There seem to be 2 types - some that take your focus away from the activity, by yelling, being obnoxious in general - and those that help you learn how to focus your energy on what you are doing. To me, thats aikido - focusing your energy, be it mental, physical, spiritual, or all at once - on the task at hand. The key is not in distraction, but applied focus. The zanzen that you speak of souns similar to this.

Ive done alot of meditation studies and practice prior to joining Aikido, I think it helps alot. 3 hours of meditation is impressive, not sure if applying it to nail bending is really going to get you far besides being that guy who can bend nails. Which is cool! Dont get me wrong, that is very impressivce, just not something I care to do or learn.

Just my opinion - I am just an unranked newbie, take that as you will.

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