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Re: Internal Power in your Aikido

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Training hard everyday in a subject many people are even sceptical exists or sceptical that it applies in Aikido, *an art they're already 'teaching'* is only going to happen with a few, Dan. I think the few that have the drive and interest have, for the most part, already stepped up. I.e., I think the law of diminishing returns is already in effect; my interest in bandying and negotiating with the masses is fading out.

Good posts, though. That's the kind of information about Japanese perspectives on these skills I was looking for.


Yeah but you were right on many points. Not the least of which was helping and also talking about it a bit more. I never showed outsiders and after finally giving in- I've met some of those who are like us; sincere researchers. Your model of "Teaching those who were like yourself years ago." So It is a good start for the other sincere researchers out there. I was also one of the ones who thought this knowledge was -only-in their art. I had no idea it was in the asian arts in general. So that was another great piece of information.

I know what you mean about the diminishing returns. But I'm not really talking to them any more. I talk through them, past them, to the ones who have ears to hear.
Odd that of the many now coming every almost every week, none would ever go back to either the way they thought about movement or the way they practiced waza.
I'd only hope to encourage you- like you have encouraged (yeah right-prodded, chastized, beat over the head ) others, and start to help some local guys without pressing on your time too much.

In the end I'll be the first to say thanks for being another voice-even when I wanted to throw a chair at ya.......And don't give up!!!

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