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Re: Lineage

Joseph Bowen wrote:
Actually, he is correct in that the current Doshu is the grandchild of O Sensei, and currently runs Hombu Dojo in Tokyo.
Of course, but Hombu Dojo is not usually described as the Founder's dojo. That was the Iwama dojo. Kisshomaru Doshu and others really made the Hombu Dojo what it was and is. I'm not putting a value judgement on that. I think none of us would be practicing aikido if not for the vision and skills of the late Doshu.

Saito Sensei ran the Iwama Dojo after O Sensei died and probably in O Sensei's absence while he was in Tokyo. Really not too difficult to explain.
You've glossed over a lot of history and the complications that at least partially set up the situation that you next describe.

After Saito Sensei died, the Ueshiba family, which I presume has title ownership of the facility,
My understanding is that the Ueshiba family did retain ownership.

came up with an alternative manner for running the Iwama Dojo that Saito Sensei's son did not agree with and he separated from the Aikikai. (this is where you get your political complications).
That is not my understanding of the causes. Look for the letters by Hitohiro Saito Sensei that are posted on .

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