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Re: Lineage

Rob Cunningham wrote:
I only know that Morohiri Saito-sensei, one of O'Sensei's long-time students, opened his own dojo and trained my sensei. >.< Other than that, I'm remarkably ignorant. I believe his son or grandson is still running his dojo.
Greg Jennings wrote:
Close, but not quite.

That would be the late Morihiro Saito. To say "opened his own dojo" wouldn't really capture the complexity of the situation.

That would be his son, Hitohiro Saito you're thinking of. Again, "still running his dojo" misses a ton of complexity and, in this case, politics.

Actually, he is correct in that the current Doshu is the grandchild of O Sensei, and currently runs Hombu Dojo in Tokyo. Saito Sensei ran the Iwama Dojo after O Sensei died and probably in O Sensei's absence while he was in Tokyo. Really not too difficult to explain. After Saito Sensei died, the Ueshiba family, which I presume has title ownership of the facility, came up with an alternative manner for running the Iwama Dojo that Saito Sensei's son did not agree with and he separated from the Aikikai. (this is where you get your political complications). Many factions and fragments within Aikido and even within the Aikikai.
Lineage is only as important as you make it. There are some wack jobs out there that are just making stuff up. If you think they are not credible ask about their lineage. You can check that out. Don't attack it, or you might find yourself in a fight (especially if these guys reallly are whackos). Whether or not one Uchideshi of O Sensei's is better than the other is a subjective thing. Use your best judgement.


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