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Dan Hover
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I have helped teach the college course at Ohio state under two different teachers, this is a 3 month course, with about 30 students meeting once a week. We always would do ikkyo and basic 5th or 6th kyu techniques. Nothing involving rolls. Students usually feel quite awkward at first doing Aikido to begin with and to start with rolls they have a tendency to quit rather quickly as they have a minimal investment. Whereas if the already know like back sit falls for things like shihonage, or forward falls for ikkyo then do rolls they have the mindset of more invested and less of a obstacle to overcome. So we always taught waza that involved basic things like kosa tori ikkyo, or kata tori nikyo. At first very much "by the numbers" Yoshikan is the "best" at doing it this way. then we would add the partner. either way it can be both frustrating and rewarding.

Dan Hover

of course that's my opinion, I could be wrong
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