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Re: Starting Aikido?

Alexandre Gonçalves wrote: View Post
Well guys i always have dedicaded do bodybuilding,and training my physique,but now i decided to train some martial arts and aikido was the only one that they had in the ginasium,so what i am asking if this martial art achual is efective in self defense for exemple in a street figth woud be possible to do some moves teach in aikido

just peace for me

o yeah i am going to talk with my future teacher this monday

thanks everione

have a nice day
Any martial art can be used effectively for self-defense by someone who is trained in self-defense. If you're asking if aikido training repalces self-defense training, no. If you're asking if you will learn things in aikido training that can be effectively used in self-defense, yes.

Many people here will tell you that all that muscle isn't necessary in aikido, and they might be right, but it certainly doesn't hurt. One of the most talented students at my dojo is a dedicated weightlifter.
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