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Re: Aikido club which is located near or far?

The bus ride is only slightly longer than my drive to the dojo where I train, which also happens to be the closest one to me. So, in my mind your decision should come down to other factors:

1. Are the dojo members friendly, welcoming, and sincere? Do they want to train with you and vice versa?
2. If you have prior experience in Aikido, does it matter to you if your rank carries over? Does the affliation of either dojo matter to you?
3. Does the style of instruction mesh with your style of learning?
4. Does the style of aikido match what you are seeking? Physicality vs. spirituality, for example.
5. Do the two dojos seem friendly toward one another? If you are a member at one, would the other allow you to simply pay a mat fee to train for a day (like on a day where first is closed)?
6. If either of the dojos are "rough and tumble", does the instructor teach good ukemi to make it survivable? (Do those ranked at least 4th Kyu usually exhibit good ukemi?) Do they do well in adjusting their techniques to make it survivable for total beginners?
7. Is there a cost difference in membership between the two. Can you reasonably afford the higher cost one?

Anyway, these are just some of the questions I would consider in making the decision, the choice is yours to make.
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