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Re: People who are never uke

Phi Truong wrote: View Post
Casten, have you read the book "art of war"?
Practicing kata is different from going to war.

question, if your enemy know exactly what you are going to do, would you still do it?
When practicing kata aite always knows what tori will do. But tori will do it anyway.
It's kata. It's not scenario-training. It's not fighting. It's not going to war. It's kata. Fixed form. Agreement. Convention.

But although the outward movements are known, are fixed, there is much room to fill the kata on the inside. You are free within your body and can move within yourself. You can use a given point of contact in many different ways. Or even don't move from that point of contact, but from elswhere in your body.
kata is only the container. With a whole lot of space in it. And different rooms and levels in it.

So practicing a known technique against resistence is not about winning a fight or going to war. But about learning how to use the body, how to organize it, how to develop power, how to take away the power of the attacker. Things like that.

mindset is important. many dojo teach uke to be the punching bag. many dojo don't teach smart uke.
As I said: We try not to overextend, but stay deeply rooted, stay centered. We try not to give away ourselves but to stay within our own sphere. We try to behave in the same way like we try to do when tori.
But we don't fight. Not when being tori, not when being uke.