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People who are never uke

There are a couple of people in our dojo who came from elsewhere several years ago.

They're high-ranked.

Whenever it's their turn to be uke, they exhibit several traits, sometimes not all at once:

* half-hearted, limp attack
* frozen statue mode/rooting in place
* exploiting advance knowledge of kata, and exploiting non-realtime training speed by altering their positioning during step-by-step training

Regardless of what they do at a given moment, the end-goal is always the same - to completely negate whatever nage is doing.

Through their comments and actions it became clear that they believe a lower skilled student should be stopped in their tracks, rather than be allowed to throw a higher-skilled student, and the higher-skilled student can use any means to stop it.

Over the years, they've "adapted" to dojo behaviors, but now their ukemi consists in maintaining complete control over the encounter in aforementioned fashion, while PRETENDING to be affected by nage. A cosmetic difference.

Doing their kind of ukemi back to them can result in being injured, because their movements are compact, strong and mechanically precise. They're very skilled and skeletally-aware.

Trying to do things with them at realtime speed, use atemi, or switch techniques on them results in patronizing, growling and/or retaliation.

They are swaying intermediate and beginner students toward dangerously resistant ukemi.
They've injured students before.
They've been giving each other injuries when training together.

The overall impression remains is that they

a) Came from a very exacting instructor or style that encourages learning through punishment
b) Aren't here to help anyone learn (via any means). They're only here for themselves.

I've been trying to figure out how to train with these people for years. Meanwhile they've driven some people away from the dojo. Pairing up with them usually results in complete waste of time.

They allow the instructor to move at higher speed than they let "mere mortals" do it, and they don't growl at him when he uses atemi.

Asides from the instructor... most, if not all, yudansha in the dojo cannot genuinely throw them (asides from aforementioned performance where they pretend to be thrown), and neither can visiting yudansha.

My question is: have YOU encountered such people? WHERE are they manufactured? WHAT is their Sensei's approach to training, the logic of it all, the philosophy, etc?