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Re: aikido in your country's language

Mary Eastland wrote: View Post
And Joe, what you had to say has nothing to do with the thread.
It has.
Joe's statement pierces right through to the very core of the hermeneutic aspect: If you try to rename something that already has a name on it's own - maybe because this name is not easy to use or you don't undertand it or it does not belong to your world in which way ever - your renaming will only reflect your understanding of the renamed phenomenon. The new name will tell something about you. But not about the phenomenon itself.

Isn't Aikiweb about conversations?
To me saying "I don't agree" oder simply "no!" is a very important part of conversation. When I read your question about "renaming" aikidō it made me sad. The longer I practice aikidō the more I understand that it is important to look for the true meaning of this two kanji aiki in my practice. It is a search for what it is, how it works and so on. The moment you/I describe aiki in your/my own word and rename it, this search is over. Without hving reached it.

At last:
Every phrase given in this thread to "rename" aikidō - also yours, Mary, and Ron's - can mean/describe a different budō also or simply a certain way of life. None of them exclusively describes what aikidō is - in my eyes.

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