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Re: Tohei's resignation letter to the aikikai

The comments about the 50th anniversary meeting and the Daito ryu guy who got lambasted for doing sword work by Mochizuki, came from the guy who got lambasted told me the story personally.
Mochizuki's comments were along the lines of Daito ryu people not knowing a damn thing about sword work and there had been an agreement with him MC'ing the affair that there would be no sword demonstrated. It cost the fellow demonstrating dearly for breaking the agreement. He NEVER expected a Japanese to publicly call him on it, but that is exactly what Mochizuki did..upbraiding him in front of everyone with exactly that comment "You Daito ryu people know nothing about sword," then he told his own men to go get their swords out of their cars (oddly they had come prepared for just such an issue arising) and proceeded to demonstrate real sword.
I think it fits in with Kuroiwa comments "I think we should stop doing sword and jo taking exhibitions at the Aikikai demos. There are probably real swordsmen in the audience and it is an insult to them, because they could cut anyone in the room in two."
And Saito's "You did me/us a real favor in saying that."

And the fact that Of course, nothing no surprise.

You can't have everything for free and expect to be treated equally in front of those who know what they are doing. Just because you can pick up a weapon doesn't mean you know how to use it nor how it was historically matter how long you swing it.

My favorite quote from Kuroiwa sensei was something along the lines of "The way Aikido is practiced today the only peaceful resolution of a conflict would the aikido-ka lying unconscious at the feet of a real attacker." While meant as a generalization it speaks volumes when added with the above comments about what some of these early Shihan really thought of the efforts they were seeing unfold.
I could not help but notice again Kisshomaru calling prewar Aikido (which was when Ueshiba was still teaching Daito ryu and awarding scrolls.... The golden age of AIkido."

I think the entire history is confusing, repeatedly and intentionally misrepresented, and quite odd. Of course it has some truly grand beginnings and wonderfully uplifting stories as well. I find it quite fun to research and piece together, particularly with some newer, more competent translations and interviews. I think it benefits everyone when trying to understand the truth to at least examine all sides of the issue.

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