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Re: 5+ years with "IP/IT/IS"

Demetrio Cereijo wrote: View Post

Basically nothing achieved.
asiawide wrote:

1. Got a clue for doing kokyuho/aikiage/or whatever it called
I confess I couldn't do that and got no clues though I've been doing aikido for many years.

2. Easy to stop or nullify nage's techniques though I'm not resisting that much. Fix my dive-bunny habit too.

3. Others grumble that I'm heavier than before.

4. Feel connected when nage/uke push/pull me instatntly.

5. Feel more stable and comfortable in seiza

6. Can detect whether nage/uke is solid or float.
After 12 hours instruction and working by himself he got initiated or improved:

- directing energy
- using less muscle
- feeling heavier to partners
- connected body / connection
- became more stable
- increased sensitivity

So nothing eh? I thought these things were kind of important in martial arts.
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