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Re: Bujin Design's Status?

Latest announcement on BuJin's website.

Bu JinŽ Design Announces Partnership with Leading Martial Arts Equipment Ecommerce Website in Europe!


Dear loyal Bu JinŽ Design customers,

Thank you for staying in touch with us during these past few months of transition!

We are delighted to announce that the Bu JinŽ Design products you know and love will be soon be available on our new partner site, AIKIDO24. There will be exciting developments as we update websites and restart production of the Bu JinŽ dogi, hakama, wooden training weapons and more. These are underway and will be phased in during the coming weeks and months.

We know you're curious as to what has transpired with Bu JinŽ Design. In a nutshell, last spring we fortuitously met up with the owner of a successful European martial arts supply enterprise. It turned out to be uncannily similar to Bu JinŽ Design, the most important reason being a near perfect alignment of the owner's personal philosophy and corporate mission statements with our own. What more could we ask?!

A partnership was forged, and now Bu JinŽ will become an international supplier of proprietary Bu JinŽ Design products, in addition to the many other high quality items offered through the online shops Aikido24, Kendo24 and Iaido24 The product selection available to our regular Bu JinŽ Design customers just got a lot larger! Check it out!

It is our great pleasure to introduce our new partner and CEO, Bernd Schwab:

"Our vision with Bu JinŽ," says Bernd, "is to unite practitioners through the common bond of Budo, We want to offer our customers the widest range of quality products available, as well as information on the arts and events. We want to give them the opportunity to find equipment for a variety of disciplines in one convenient site.

We manufacture many of our products using time-honored methods and hand-craftsmanship, and for others we have entered into contracts with leading independent providers to source the highest quality goods available and make them available to our customers in a user-friendly online shop.
br> In addition to the Bu JinŽ Design website, which for the time being will be re-directed to, there are two other sites ( and that have been designed as a one-stop-shop for all martial arts enthusiasts, students and professionals. These offer traditional practice gear, protective clothing, training equipment, belts and even specialist weapons.

For over 30 years, Bu JinŽ Design has offered aikido students and instructors the very best products in their class, from dogi to hakama to training weapons. We are proud of our association with Bu JinŽ and look forward to servicing our new North American customers as they come on to our site and try it for the first time.

Welcome Bu JinŽ customers! We will honor our commitment to provide you the very best products you have come to expect from Bu JinŽ Design."


Start shopping, folks! There are good things to be had right now, and your favorite Bu JinŽ Design items will soon be available, as well.

Thanks so much,
Ginger and Hiroshi Ikeda
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