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Re: Books and DVD's for newbie's

Joe Curran wrote: View Post
Hi Ashley,
As a member of Bluhm Sensei ' s dojo I would have thought you would have mentioned Sansho as an mag of interest. As far as Dvd is concerned all material gleaned from USAf /British Birankai seminars [especially ones conducted by Chiba Sensei] are an incredible source of Aikido material.
I would be grateful if you would pass on my best regards to Bluhm Sensei , Robert /Christina Needleman . We are old friends.
Best Regards, Joe.
I haven't heard of this magazine. I will have to look it up or ask sensei if he has some. He has a library and I know some magazines are on it. Right now he is away at a robot competition with his son and wife. I will be sure to pass the message along upon his return. Did you train with sensei in CA?

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