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Toby Threadgill
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Re: "Miles Kessler -- A martial artist making a difference"


I've known Miles Kessler since my early days as a budo student in Dallas, Texas. His dedication to training was an inspiration. No one was surprised when he sold his belongings and moved to Iwama to train with Morihiro Saito sensei. Not many of his old friends are surprised too hear where he's taken his life. We always knew Miles would become a respected figure in the greater aikido community, and how appropriate it is that he has focused his efforts on bringing aikido to those most in need of reconciliation and mutual understanding. I can't think of anyone more dedicated to manifesting the ideals of Ueshiba Morihei than Miles Kessler. My profound respect for him and his life mission grows every day.

BTW...Miles. You haven't forgotten your "toys" have you? They remain safely ensconced in my closet, awaiting a future visit.

Toby Threadgill / TSYR

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