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Re: I'm Leaving Aikido

What you found was that the level of your skill set from your training so far was not up to your immediate needs. People have solved this issues in various ways. One way is to jump to another art. Another is to add training specialized to the immediate need. Another is to simply cross-train in a complementary art that incorporates the type of training needed (goals of the art or school are different). Find an aikido teacher who provide that training because of their own goals that fits the immediate need.
It could not have expressed it better than this, thank you Mr. Hocker.

In all, everyone wants to be the best at what they aspire to be. But, in reality, they want it all in one package that dissolves quickly and assimilates immediately. That is impossible, train for the trained fighter not the irate drunkard or occasional bully. Your skill set test is 2-I-D, (Identify, Intervene, Defuse, Disengage), these may be tacit or verbal. Restrain and Remove are last resort options. When this is the step you are at, you must be prepared for anything..thus, not all training gives you all that you need in one package.

Cross-training is the key, you only get out of your training what you put into it.

A few questions I have, you do not have to answer if you do not care to. Why do you want to be a "Bouncer" ? Why do you train at a church-based Aikido club and want to be Bouncer in a bar? Your Sensei ,according to the website, does not have any experience in this type of occupation, why did you choose this dojo?

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