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Re: I'm Leaving Aikido

Mattias Bengtsson wrote: View Post
I dont study Aikido to beat people up myself. I study it to defend myself.
And there is a difference.
Thats why i studied Aikido as well. But i found in real life situations it doesn't work. As ive said numerous times i dont want to beat people up. Just defend myself well. If you think you can throw any kind of lock or hold on someone throwing a real punch at real speed you're kidding yourself like i was. Just you tube boxing or punching if you haven't had real life altercations. And you will see what i mean. Punches come as hard snaps, not someone in a line, running toward you fist extended. Aikido is fooling a lot of people i feel.

As for those saying if im not happy with Aikido go, and stop posting. With respect, no. Theres people on here who no longer study Aikido but still post. If the thread makes uncomfrotable reading for you, then dont read it. Simple. I am being respectful and taking in other peoples views. Until i fully get into Krav or another art i will continue to read peoples responses and opinions because i find what everybody is sayng interesting.

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