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Re: I'm Leaving Aikido

Matthew Gano wrote: View Post
...comparing different arts isn't like simply comparing hammers and screwdrivers, unless you're talking about prying something apart (ie-flathead vs the claw end of a hammer). Both can do it, but knowing how to use your own particular tool of choice is far more crucial than having the "right" tool.
yes, point taken and agreed. I admit I didn't think the analogy through to this level. I was speaking more from a place of feeling more well-rounded, having a basic working knowledge of the movements and philosophy of the art, for instance I would feel like my "toolbox" was more complete having both a screwdriver (phillips and flathead) and a hammer (claw, ballpeen, and a rubber mallet) . Options are good.

Thanks for making the distinction.

oh, and to the OP, never consider any pursuit of knowledge or technique a waste of time, take what you learned and apply what you can. You may choose not to continue your study of Aikido, but, I'm sure there are at least a couple techniques, principles, ideas you can incorporate and expand upon that have made your study worthwhile in some capacity... maybe they will prove to be more useful in unforeseen situations and personal encounters than they will at the barroom door.

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