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Douglas Fajardo
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Re: Why do some people hate Aikido?

Hi guys....
when you said (people hate Aikido ),I think is too strong word, the problem is ..... when someone it doesnt understan something, they just reject it, is true that some people make Aikido so spiritual that some occidental think that if you dont punch and hurt peolpe in a real fight,you are not fighting at all, person who reject aikido only think in force and force they dont understan (the calm inside the storm) PLEASE FORGIVE THEM ´CAUSE THEY DONT KNOW WHAT THEY DO ,,,, look man the most importan thing is ,YOU HAVE TO BELIVE IN AIKIDO (THE REAL BUDO) IF YOU DONT ,IF WE DONT, THEN THE WORK OF O- SENSEI WILL BE LOST FOREVER , REMEMBER BELIVE IN YOU BELIVE IN AIKIDO, DOUGLAS FG,,,,,,, NOTE ,, TRAIN AND TRAIN AHH,,,, OTHER THING, TRAINNNNNN
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