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Re: NHB Fighting and Aikido

I think you are splitting hairs. You will never have two people agree on exactly what aikido is or isn't, or what it can do, or was designed to do.

There are aikido techniques that will work in MMA situations. There are techniques that will not work.

It is up to the individual to find and discover what they want aikido to do for them.

What I believe you will find is that the aiki principles in aikido are universal principles, at least that is what I have heard Saotome sensei preach over and over and is not about learning technique, but learning principles. I can say with 100% degree certainty that the PRINCIPLES of aikido can be applied 100% to MMA and must to ultimately be sucessful. Technique is complete a different matter.

What I think where things breakdown and get devisive is over technique. Strategy comes before technique. Most Aikido training methodologies, or strategy does not align very well with MMA, and therefore you find that many will say "no" aikido does not work...others say yes aikido works.

Both sides are missing the whole point. It is about learning principles.

If my focus was soley on MMA fighting, then I can think of much more effective training strategies/methodologies than wasting my time with aikido.

If my objective was self defense, I can think of many bettter ways than wasting my time with aikido. To include the proper use of pepper spray, a ASP baton, marksmanship classes etc.

If my objective was to be the baddest dude on the block and run around and tell everyone how I can beat everyone up and that every other style other than what I do is crap i'd spend my time surrounding myself with people and a system that supported and confirmed my delusional state.

If my objective was to understand dyanmics of movement, a better understanding of martial movement, balance, control, understanding the mind/autonomic nervous system, how perceptions, attitudes, and paradigms, emotions, personalities, egos, play into the whole of the human sphere...and how all that relates to the physical manifestation of conflict, well I would spend my time with an internal art like aikido or tai chi. Why? it helps me become a better person, resolve conflict at the lowest level, gain more subtleness in my martial abilities etc.

It simply is not very good at developing what I would call "short/direct/effective martial skills. Certainly the techniques are there, but we could argue all day about which ones are and are not right for what particular situation.
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