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Re: NHB Fighting and Aikido

See...Mr. Fooks....that's my not aikido made for a smaller person to ward off a stronger attacker with minimal effort and strength? So...if that's the case why is it not useful in MMA? How come Jason DeLucia can use Aikido techniques and even put out videos on how to use Aikido techniques for MMA and what not...and do it in an effective and successful way? I agree...if an Aikidoka wants to compete in MMA, he or she better learn how to punch, kick, ground fight, and take hits as well, you know? However...I think it's just as effective as any other art if applied properly at the right I say "properly" I'm not saying that you have to do certain techniques perfectly like you would do during a test...but "properly" as in the right technique for the right situation at the right time. Why is that such a bad and naive thing to say?
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