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David Humm
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Re: Student ability

Rachel Massey wrote:
Dave, has the student progressed in comparison with where he started? Has he made improvement? Don't compare him with the other students; instead measure his own progress within himself. What rank are you testing him for (or not testing him)? There would be a vast difference IMNSO between gokyu and ikkyu test in terms of the absolutes you expect of your students.
Rachel, Yes my student has 'improved' but if compared with others who've trained for the same period (around two years) his general standard is very below par. As you say tho if I compare what he does now compared to when I first saw him join in his original dojo, yes there's an improvement.

Lynn Seiser wrote:
Just brainstroming outloud because this topic really interests me; He appear to have genuine competent instructions. He appears to have honest motivation. He appears to actually get the mental idea of what he is to do. Then somehow, it isn't getting from the head to the body?

Hows his coordination? Perhaps, he can practice Tenskan Ashi-sabaki and skipping rope.
Lynn, your brainstorming is spot on His co-ordination is, I think, the main problem but he doesn't seem to have a problem outside the dojo which suggests to me its an 'Aiki' thing rather than a physical or medical issue (but that's just my non medical opinion of course)

Karen Lynch wrote:
I may be reading this wrong, but I think Dave was saying that -he- doesn't judge the student's progress, or perceived lack thereof, but he was worried that the student might think he was, and give up on this dojo as well.
Karen, Well yes and no. I am judging his standards or should I say "monitoring" them as an instructor should with his/her student(s) however, I realise that he appears to be less dynamic in his ability to assimilate the teachings. I don't have a problem with this at all, I understand that every person learns at differing speeds, and his speed is unduly slower than others but, where I am concerned is in that as a dojo we run gradings on an annual basis when my Shidoin visits us, I'm concerned that given his slower learning curve he will feel left out, I have a number of students whom I'm very lucky to (have) and say are quite natural movers and their ability is quickly surpassing that of the chap in question.

I've formulated a plan involving a separate training regime. I'm going to speak with my Shidoin and let him know the situation and, perhaps we can set up gradings when required that will be between those we normally hold, that way he won't feel left out of the progression "thing"

Regards to all as always

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