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Re: Student ability

Thank you for your continued comments,

The chap in question is an otherwise co-ordinated individual who has a reasonable job and displays a level of comon sense. If I give the guy a bokken he's able to swing it with some ability (I also study Iaido and incorporate Batto-ho into aikido sessions) but, he does have problems turning at speed, that is one thing I've noticed.

We have two large roof mounted punch bags in the dojo, we sometimes do a bit of bag work and when we do this he's straight in, during these sessions he's spot on, accurate with his punching and hits quite hard.

Unfortunately he does seem to be stuck in this 'ive just started' mode when we practice aikido. His ukemi is rough to say the least. I stress in almost all my classes the importance of good quality ukemi, we practice several exercises to improve confidence in the more dynamic overheads... This involves rolling over a Jo which is held at an angle (one end resting on the mat), progressively students grab the jo at higher levels thus their breakfall gets more 'overhead' bizarely the chap in question is very caperble of this type of exercise and performs good ukemi however, and this really bakes my noodle; after he's done a few of those overheads with the jo, if I do even basic kote gaeshi and he's collapsing on the floor like he'd never done ukemi before!!

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