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Re: I agree with this.

I can identify with all those descriptions - warrior, engineer and archeologist. I want to learn a practical martial art that will enable me to protect myself, however, I don't have the desire to compete seriously in a combat sport. So while I like to think there is a warrior in me, I am not a warrior. I find satisfaction in trying to master the waza and perfect each technique as much as possible, after all they are martial arts, and I pursue budo because of its heritage and connection to the era of the Samurai. I find the history and lineage of modern Japanese budo fascinating. So I can say that my motivation for training in the martial arts is varied - I consider myself a martial artist not a fighter, but that doesn't mean I don't want to develop the necessary survival skills and instincts to defend myself in a violent confrontation. This is why I am inspired by the likes of Nishio Sensei, who sought to articulate and augment the martial integrity of Aikido. The same applies to Seagal. My current approach to training is to see the waza as vehicles through which to teach fundamental principles. The waza itself certainly contains martial application (obviously), but once the principles have been learned, they can be applied, henka style, to self-defence in a more "street" ready form.
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