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Re: Aikido and Music

Thank you, Rudy. You and I live in very different soundscapes. There is rarely music around my unless I put it on; local cafes are about the only public space it's part of the environment.
As applying to aikido:
Every dojo I've been a member of, and many I've visited, indeed have an emphasis on the dojo as Separate Space from the rest of ones daily world, starting with removal of shoes and bowing in, perhaps a period of breathing or meditation. Some have insisted on no talking others on no extraneous chitchat.

Rudy Ternbach wrote: View Post

In all honesty, I see people listening to music everywhere I go. It's on their laptops, ipods, hi-fi systems, it's in elevators, in their cars, in the stores where they shop, they hear music of one kind or another while on their exercise equipment, while jogging, doing chores, when they goto church etc. I come into a dojo where Ray Charles is being played but soon, and well before another student shows up, the music is turned off. It is a white environment and it is silent--like a math lab. To my mind, the absence of music in dojos is remarkable that's all. I guess I might have asked, Why is this space, the dojo, so different from most other spaces--acoustically that is?



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