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well, I believe in my sensei... but i dont know him and i accept that, my faith is my belief in someone i dont know to teach my something i know nothing of...

perhaps everything begins with faith, because without it you wouldnt do anything... maybe, i mean, when you walk you have faith that your feet will touch the floor, but you dont know that until youve touched it do you...? and thats where i mean that the more tentative your step is, the less powerful the walk... you have to have faith that the path will be there to have a powerful stride. maybe if what you say is true, then maybe there is no such thing as this 'belief' - if it differs from faith so much, because it is merely an assumption of somthing that has happened or not and maybe isn't there anymore or never will be... an illusion...- isnt that dangerous, perhaps, what do you think?

my faith is just faith - not expectations like your belief seems to be

no offence taken

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