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Re: Discussing different aspects of aiki

Simon Kirk Sørensen wrote: View Post
Yes, aiki can manifest in many different forms, and the physical connection is not always necessary. But from what I've experienced and have been told, there are other energies than aiki, but it is difficult to discuss in a forum. A mat would be much better suited.

I believe you're very, very right in your statement about matter being no more than energy, and I think the only boundaries we experience is ourselves and what we feel we cannot do. If you believe you can do things, you will succeed. But every ounce of doubt and fear of failing must be ridden from the mind, and then extrordinary things will happen.
From my point of view I would classify this view as somewhere between Mental aiki and Spritual aiki.

And I have to admit that Spiritual aiki is a bit beyond my world view.
I mean, being a physicist, I definitely believe matter is a form of energy (E = mc²), but I don't really believe that our bodies are capable of using this for much else than using chemical reactions to convert a tiny amount of mass into the energy required to keep us alive and to make our body move (and heat it up as a side effect).

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