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Re: Discussing different aspects of aiki

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Maybe the meaning is not that important?

I already have the oportunity to feel, as uke, what is in this video. And even having my own theories about it, I'm pretty sure that I don't know what happened.

But I think this is not something can "learn". Even if the learn were really difficult, if it was possible, we would see many more people doing things like this.

There isn't many people doing this out there and the one's that exists do not "learn". They "discovered". I think.

Feel it is very important, but don't seems to be a prerequisite and for sure is not enough.
I'm would more or less agree on the above, but Aiki skills can, like everything else, be taught and learned. There are different excercises and training drills for developing this power.

I think you'r right about the teachers out there who discovered this instead of learning. But i believe that has more to do with the reluctancy in passing this on from old masters.

But when that is said, oneself must definitely discover Aiki trough one self as it manifests differently in different persons. That's also where the feel comes in. You cannot force it, it must fit. And only you can feel how it fits.

I'm a bit curious about who you felt this from. Do you care to reveal it?


I must agree with Benjamin.
"aiki" is a word (or concept) that seems to never be fully defined. Or it has gained new meanings with each "discovery" that people did about what they could do, their relation with others and the universe/reality.

Maybe reality is not so "static" as we may think and we're able to do much more than we believe.

I already read somewhere on theory that "matter" is an illusion and all that exists is "energy".

Maybe we let the illusion of a "solid reality" told our possibilities?

Many maybes, to me... rsrsrs
Yes, aiki can manifest in many different forms, and the physical connection is not always necessary. But from what I've experienced and have been told, there are other energies than aiki, but it is difficult to discuss in a forum. A mat would be much better suited.

I believe you're very, very right in your statement about matter being no more than energy, and I think the only boundaries we experience is ourselves and what we feel we cannot do. If you believe you can do things, you will succeed. But every ounce of doubt and fear of failing must be ridden from the mind, and then extrordinary things will happen. But I better stop here, this could indeed devolope into a wierd ramble from my side.

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