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Re: Discussing different aspects of aiki

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Isn't it bizarre that the term "aiki" is basically used as a catch-all term for whatever thing or set of things, usually somewhat subtle or esoteric, you have acquired that makes the biggest difference in getting your martial arts skills to work? I have seen multiple convincing demonstrations of "aiki", each of which really do produce amazing results, each based on completely different ideas. Each of those demonstrations comes with a handy explanation about how the results produced are clearly similar to the results seen in either Osensei videos, or other effective esoteric arts, and the skills are therefore an example of "aiki". Even after all this research, many people know exactly which principle/principles constitute "aiki" in their own internal definition, but there is absolutely no consensus among the people with working Aikido (and other similar arts) on what "aiki" is and how it is developed. I sometimes wonder if the term itself is just some sort of one-word-koan that has been invested with importance but not meaning so that each of us is free to invest it with whatever meaning we choose and free to redefine it for ourselves whenever that seems appropriate.
I'm sceptical. If Aikido is the way of Aiki then, and Aiki can be everything one would like it to be, Aikido is "Anything-do". Then the Aikidoist would have no use for a teacher, and even picking your nose would be Aikido. I don't think O'sensei had that in mind.

Yes, some would argue that Aikido can be anything, but only when it is done with a certain intent or in a certain way will it become something.
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