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Re: Training with tough disabilities

Excellent thread people! Some truly inspiring people out there. Just under a month ago I had a very close run in with a shinken, it went across my little finger, into the base of my ring finger and then into my palm about an inch. It didnt hurt (probably becuase it was a deep tissue injury and the sword was very sharp) but it looked so bad people thought it had actually separated the hand all the way through (thank christ it didnt). Lots of blood is a tad misleading

Anyways, I was very lucky in that it missed all the tendons and bones, it seems to have caused some nerve damage in that some feeling in the ring finger is compromised (feels half anatheized) but I still have a full range of motion.

I was due to take my 1st kyu in 2 weeks time but thats now been set back I reckon, so i was a bit sorry for myself, but hey, the cut finally healed over fully yesterday, so im not walkign around with an open wound! And I will still be able to train as normal and play guitar and do all the things i love. Im off to Ireland next weekend with my instructor to a karate school he's going to do a few classes for and i'll be able to get on the mat and train (carefully mind ). I'll still be able to take my ikkyu in a couple of months time, so it just gives me more time to train for it and i think i'll be more foccussed this time.

So hey, things are actually pretty good and I realise that I should thank my lucky stars.

Edit PS:

Forgot to say how this made me realise that i could have been permanently disabled and that I probably would have coped badly with that. But if others out there are adapting themselves so well then i think that there is hope for us all. Aikido in all its variety is a beautiful thing.

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