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Mario Tobias
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Interesting how the arm works exactly as a sword

Very interesting comparison between a sword and an arm. An A-HA! moment for me.
One of the theories/principles I am currently proving to myself in training.

The sword's sharp edge can be broken down into 3 1/3rd parts.

The 1st 3rd from the tip is for killing
The 2nd 3rd in the middle is for control
The 3rd 3rd from middle to tsuba is for defense

A human's arm edge can be broken down into 3 1/3 parts.

The 1st 3rd which is the tegatana, used for attacking, atemi, cutting
The 2nd 3rd, the middle forearm is for control of uke during a technique, deflection
The 3rd 3rd towards the elbow is used for defense typically the head or redirection

Interestingly, the sword's weakest part is its side
An arm's weakest part is on its side, palm up or palm's down position where you can perform e.g. musubi techniques and therefore control uke.
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