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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Equitable?

Kisshomaru Ueshiba had a "volunteer" at a demonstration in Hawaii whom he asked to "throw a punch". The volunteer was a trained martial artist and threw a series of punches far too rapid and erratic for Ueshiba to grasp or anything so he finally waved the guy away and asked for another volunteer.
Hi Mike,

I've seen you tell this story before, and I still have the same problems with it, to wit;

1) *A* punch was asked for not a *series* of punches

2) this was a demonstration, with a specific teaching goal in mind...multiple strikes probably didn't help to illustrate the principle at hand

3) this was NOT a was a are inferring something completely out of context

I find the use of this example out of context to be somewhat disengenuous. I have it on good info that while the 2nd Doshu may not have been the best in the world, in an art passed down within a family, that is not unusual. And more importantly, I have it on very good information that the 2nd Doshu was more than quite capable. Despite what an unknown source might say about his experience in trying to 'up the anti' at a public demonstration.

Ron (rudeness has its own rewards...I know instructors that would clean someone's clock for that kind of rude behavior)

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