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Hi Graham,

Realization is twofold: One, we become aware of potentialities we already possess, and from this awareness, can access them instantly. Secondly, we are in a constant state of becoming real. In this sense, realization is ongoing, generally gradual, but punctuated by significant leaps.

These aspects of realization can synergize or work at odds. Focusing on one can inhibit the other. Understanding the relationship between the immediate now and the ongoing now helps us see the bicameral nature of a single thing, a single process.

My point about training is that it should lead toward a kind of superiority, or else it is of dubious value. Now, I completely agree with your earlier point that we should not seek after super-natural powers, or seek comic book super powers. Even so, it's quite logical to try to get better at something, which means our ability and understanding is increasingly superior.

In my opinion, the endgame (which is endless) of any discipline should be the personal ability to thrive, coupled with an increased capacity to serve the well-being of others.

One key realization is that the personal and the social are inextricably interdependent. This alone should resolve a great deal of our current political conflict.
Hi Ross. The 'endgame' you describe I fully agree with and like the way you put it.

The 'superman' concept which I was referring to was more about identity rather than anything else. In my experience too many get caught up in being some kind of super identity and indeed are enticed by such things and this is what I say leads down the wrong track.

To put it in my way of speaking I ask people to look at for instance a person being the identity called bus driver or manager etc. Then to look at the difference of someone being theirself being a bus driver or manager etc. 'Superior' identity, or inferior, is a trap for identity itself is a trap.

My view is that we are all the same. We are basically sentient beings. We each develop various abilities and skills and thus become able and useful. The more able you become the better results you can achieve and thus the more you can help.

So when it comes to superior I don't think in terms of amount and to that degree physical but only quality and thus harmony.

So many are impressed by physical size and power, amounts of riches, superior identities, number of this that or the other. Amounts, amounts, amounts. All physical and thus more equals better. Delusion.

To me there is quality and quantity and without quality quantity is useless except to ego. I am only ever humbled by someones quality for quantity means nothing to me. One quality anything is worth a thousand other 'similar' things.

Now add to that there is only ever one so when it comes to things, to attackers in Aikido, whatever, there is only one so the question then is once again quality. Two people are one pair. Lot's together are one group. Twenty things to do before I leave for work is just one program. There is only one (physical) and 0 (represents quality).

Binary zen ha, ha.

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