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Re: Aikido - Martial Arts - Fighting

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These folks are professionals with families… their concerns are completely different from fighters, professional law enforcement folks, people living in bad neighborhoods who fear for their lives every day. Conflict for these people comes with raising a teen, dealing with an irascible boss, coping with being laid off, getting divorced, etc. They train to help them handle their lives better. They love the complexity of the art because they are all extremely smart, well educated people, and they find it really interesting. They love the practice because the focus on mental and physical relaxation and maintaining a calm but strong focus in the midst of chaotic is exactly what they need to perform in their demanding careers every day.
There are several points in your post I disagree with, but when I read the above I just think: you have a point. An that point is more important than me criticizing some of things you said to make that point. So next time someone asks me to describe aikido, I just might say "It's like kyudo, but with people instead of bow and arrow." (Not that most people know what kyudo is. )
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