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Marc Abrams
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Re: Is Aikiweb an open Aikido Forum ? Or is it a


There are many different groups of Aikidoka and other martial artists from a variety of disciplines who both frequent and participate on the Aikiweb forum. Jun has done a remarkably good job in managing this forum. He has set parameters governing the nature of discussions. He moderates in a manner that he believes is as in impartial and as fair as possible. You obviously believe otherwise, but your position stands in marked contrast to the larger reality of the forum.

If you feel so slighted, then why do you still frequent the forum? Why don't you create your own? Personally speaking, you claim very little ownership for the predicament that you place yourself in. What you call humor is frequently thinly veiled disdain for positions other than your own. If no one has told you, please allow me to be the first one to tell you that humor works best amongst friends (as opposed to people whom you disagree with their positions on things). You are anything but open-minded. When people have graciously provided you with opportunities to experience something potentially different, valid and martial, you either respond by saying that it is nonsense or you already do it.

Using your own tongue-in-cheek descriptor from another thread, the effluent neighborhood that is your life has been and is your own creation. Your complaints about the stink around you has more to do with the world that you created for yourself and how you see it, than is really out there. A small clue to this larger reality can be seen in that you can acknowledge some "common ground" with the likes of Ledyard Sensei and Dan Harden.

Instead of seeking some self-reflection and personal change during your time-out from this forum, you seem to have accumulated a lot of frustration and anger and you are now expressing in your posts directed at everybody accept yourself.

Marc Abrams