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Too many legends, stories, folklore and narratives on our past. Embellished, aggrandised, poorly documented.

Sure. There will be more legends. More narratives, more embellishments, more aggrandisements and more poorly documented heroic feats of martial awesomeness. More folk stories.

They became better than they were. How good were they? Compared with who? Under which standards were they considered good?


Fine. I'm not going to adress the rest of your post. You do not need to adress this one for your answer is not going to be displayed in my screen.

Bye Dan. Happy new year.
I hope you realize that everything you say in your responses or your opinion is based on speculation, as you so quaintly put it. As I stated in the Wikipedia piece, you can argue history and lineage all day long. I wasnt there, so at that point History doesnt matter, nobody anything said at any time is anything but speculation according to who? You?
You are correct about one thing, this technology spans cultures, languages and time and I am right about one thing, put your hands on someone with this stuff and arguments pretty much end, unless of course you like having body parts rearranged, which brings back to the argument whether it is athletic awesomeness or something else the 80 yo man was doing. And yet another argument, because the reason that O'sensei is one of the last recent people who people still alive have actually "felt", he is pointed to and analyzed and researched as doing this stuff. Either you think he was athletically awesome at 80 or those people were being "dive bunnies" for him and thats fine.

This picture is a man doing something called "Fong Jerng" in Thai, I think. In Chinese its called Fa Jin, pretty close right? In English its called power issuing. Same thing across three cultures and languages and thats what is important.
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