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Hi Chris,

I'm not implying anything of the kind. I'm simply reporting that Mr. Bernath, although "exposed to this work," does not seem to have adopted it explicitly in the seminar classes he is teaching. Because you know Mr. Bernath (I do not), you might ask him why that is.

Some more perspective here.....the work is really hard.....not physically tiring..rather mentally and it goes against a lot on what one's current movement/motion is based on. I know that Dan has been doing this practice and his solo work for years, that he does it every day and puts time into it. I know that he has created for himself specialized training methods (see Segawa) that fit him. I know he has several outstanding students with great skills working with him locally.....that have been training with him for years and with each other in a single location.....this is what it takes..... One needs a) introduction to the idea and concepts of IP/IS, b) a set of starter solo practices to get one off the mark, c) the willingness to develop personalized drills and aids, d) people of like mind to practice with to help baseline, e) someone to check back with (like Dan) to make corrections as needed, and f) TIME-TIME-TIME (like years) to develop any level of proficiency.

It is ready hard to just make oneself go out into the garage and work solo. It is really had to find folks to work with. The few times I have included some of the concepts and ideas I got from Dan into my teaching I get blank stares and wrinkled brows. The truth here is this work is self-selecting. The effort I have to make is how do I include some of the ideas into the training to get something across to the folks that improves their Aikido?

So that Peter Bernath didn't exhibit a total change over after visiting with Dan one or two times is understandable to me.

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